The target accounts are the accounts we use to find potential followers for you. We target the followers of these accounts and bring their attention to your profile. Here are some pointers to look for when choosing target accounts:

  1. The best target accounts have similar content and a similar audience to yours. For example, if you are a blogger who posts about fashion, a good target account could be another fashion blogger who’s already established on Instagram and has a similar style to your account.
  2. Since we only target the most recent and activate followers. We recommend including target accounts with over 10k followers who are attracting at least 10 new followers a day. Someone with, for example, 100 followers will probably not gain many followers so there’s no use in including this account as a target source.
  3. Some people may look established and have lots of followers but be careful not to include fake accounts or people who bought followers. Often a quick look in their list of followers is sufficient to determine the quality of their followers.
  4. We don’t recommend including overly popular accounts such as @Justinbieber or @Kimkardashian because their audience is too diverse. It’s better to include smaller niche accounts that have a more specific audience.
  5. Remember, you’re always free to add or remove target accounts at any time throughout the service.